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About Me

   I am a 30 yr city resident and have been a volunteer on the Parks and Recreation Board for the past 13 years as well as  serving four years on the Board of Adjustment.  I am married and have raised three fine young men and have been blessed with three grandchildren. I have worked as a Sr Planning Analyst planning  and budgeting maintenance outages for for 12 years. Prior to this I spent 23 years as a global business unit coordinator for the largest electronics contract manufacturers in St Petersburg. 


I have a passion for helping my city to grow and improve the lives of our citizens. A few of the issues I would like to concentrate on as your next city council member are:

  • Responsible, careful, and sustainable growth

  • Better focus and planning on our water and sewer systems in light of  increased development

  • Apprenticeships, trade school, and college             accessibility for working adults to help improve their job prospects and attract higher paying jobs through our skilled workforce.

  • Addressing transportation issues near areas of development especially the north/south direction.

Why Your Vote Counts

December 20, 2019

Decision being made at the city and county level effect your life everyday. From traffic and road issues, economic  development, city services, to property tax, water rates, and much more. This is why it is so important that you vote on election day and make your voice heard.

Local elections is where the rubber meets the road.



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