• Connie Bruce

Meeting the residents

The best part of canvassing door to door is getting to meet new people and hear their concerns. Overwhelmingly, our city residents seems to be most concerned with the rapid speed of development and how that is impacting our infrastructure, traffic, and quality of life. It seems like St Petersburg has gotten overbuilt and too pricey so the development is moving north in our direction. St Petersburg has a north/south interstate system, a trolley system that loops downtown, and several wide one way streets downtown to help move traffic. Pinellas Park does not have these transit attributes. A north south light rail from St Petersburg to Tarpon Springs could help move traffic. The new Bryan Diary extension to I275 may help a little but it won't help US19 much. Unless we build another overpass on US19 from 49th Street down to 54th Ave or consider the less intrusive light rail, traffic will keep getting worse as our road system is not keeping up with developments being approved.


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