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My position regarding group homes

I have recently learned that some people are confused as to my stance on disabled people and group homes in our city so I felt I would clarify my position.

I live next door to a group home for disabled young men. A severely developmentally disabled young man in this home repeatedly escaped and ran through our neighborhoods destroying anything he found in yards, breaking into several homes and wreaking destruction. Our city police officers were swarming everywhere to find this young man to find him and ensure everyone’s safety. Please note, if a strange naked, screaming, man breaks into a home in my community, there is a high chance the homeowner will defend themselves and their family.

I admit I was pretty hard on this group home owner and his manager after repeated incidences, filing reports and complaints with the city, police, and state agencies seeking oversight but in the end, the owner committed to having at least two people on staff at all times so this particular client of his has his own aid assigned to him. And now these instances have stopped, and everyone is safe.

I do not regret my actions nor am I against group homes as long as they are not being run as a commercial business in a residential neighborhood setting like when staff members arrive for the night shift with their car stereos thumping waking up the neighborhood.

I also want to state that I am not against disabled people (I have a differently abled granddaughter myself) but I am against lax oversight or management that put the neighborhood and the disabled client in danger and disrupt the neighborhood. I will unapologetically continue to look out for the welfare of ALL citizens in my neighborhood just as I will look out for ALL residents of this city once elected to City Council.


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