• Connie Bruce

No special interests on city council

While driving around the city, I have seen several very large campaign signs for my opponents who are involved in the equestrian community as horse owners. And while equestrian related activities are an important part of the character of our city, I believe our Parks and Recreation board adequately addresses equestrian related concerns and is the proper place for them. Our city thought so as well which is why they disbanded the stand alone equestrian board a few years ago and instead added two seats to the Parks and Recreation board for former equestrian board members. Our city population is about 54k people. Less than 1% of our populace owns, or can afford to own horses. Each city council seat represents 20% of the voting power of the council and should not be represented by any special interest group. We need neutral and unbiased people on city council to fairly represent the concerns of all residents.


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