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TBT article about the US19 apartment boom and residents opposition

This article talks about the new planned apartment development in a commercial zoned wetland area on US19. FLDOT thinks the new I275 to Bryan Diary overpass will result in a "nice reduction" of traffic between US19 and Bryan Diary which is about a 2 mile strip. What is the definition of "nice reduction"? They throw out a 9-15% figure but is that based on today's traffic numbers or the next 5-10 years of relentless development? What about the rest of the north/south bound traffic? It is equally as bad after Bryan Diary throughout the entire county. Bryan Diary is an easy/west route and while it dies have traffic, most new AFFORDABLE SF homes are built north of our area with folks moving to Oldsmar, Hudson, Port Richey, Trinity areas but commuting south for work.



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