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Three primary priorities for my city

Affordable Housing:

Our annual CDBG program only provides about $300k and can really only be effective in smaller projects. We need to not only partner with developers for workforce and lower income housing, but also with the county housing authority, and federal programs. I have talked to many residents who are very stressed about housing costs. We must urgently address housing issues. Habitat for Humanity has been building nice starter homes in Tellor Estates and I would like to continue to expand more building options with Habitat.


Traffic is getting to be a problem with all of the new development occurring. Additionally, we are in the center of the county and nearly all traffic runs through our city. I see new overpasses being built near Bryan Diary Rd and that makes me worry that one day we will step out of our homes and look up to the sky to see nothing but a crisscross of overhead roads. I believe the time has come to seriously consider regional light rail and bus rapid transit. We should be partnering with the county and other cities to start with a north to south looper route. Other counties could build their own spur if desired. As an added bonus, taking some cars off the road can help with reducing emissions and improving our air quality.


All of this development occurring will surely continue to increase in the future and it will increase the volume our sewer system have to handle. Additionally, anticipated heavier storms and rain water runoff have to go somewhere in this low lying city. I would like to have an engineering study done based on our projected needs in the 5-20 year period so we know exactly what we need to do to stay ahead to this start budgeting for these needed improvements now.


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