• Connie Bruce

We must treat each other with dignity and respect

I just wanted to take a moment and ask that we all search our hearts and remember when dealing with others that we are all human beings regardless of race, religious difference, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that makes us unique. At our basic level, we are all human and should treat each other with dignity and respect. I ask that our local elected leaders and law enforcement personnel keep equality and service to others at the front of mind first and foremost everyday as each of us must do. As a mother with children and grandchildren of multiple races, I truly understand the fear we have when sending our children out into the world and to have the "talk" with them on how to survive encounters with law enforcement. Even though I believe that the majority of officers take their duty to protect and serve ALL people as sacrosanct, it only takes one bad apple to take a life and forever alter a family, a city, a nation, and even the world as we are now seeing. I will live with this fear for my multi race family for the rest of my life. So while my heart hurts for Mr. Floyd's family for the pain that will never go away or abate, I truly hope this issue creates a sea change in our nation and it never, ever happens again.


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